Starting out soon - any ways to earn other than by closed sales?

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Either in terms of helping out other agents, or getting in to leasing, or by literally, any other means. Making copies, doing TPS reports, you name it ....

I finished my courses today and test in 11 days and plan to just need one shot at it. 

I would like to seem like I have some sort of clue before I go to my broker and ask so I wanted to ask here, if there is literally any other way to earn, in any way possible. I'm imagining it may take at minimum, two months, maybe three, before any closed sales. (and have six months saved)

A youtub'er I follow, Graham Stephan is one who said he started out doing leasing and so, anything along those lines or anything else is something Id be very interested in.

Also, if anyone is in the greater-Denver area (or Fort Collins - my town), I would be more than elated to buy us coffee get input that way.

Like I said, I just don't want to go to my broker and say "by the way, how can I earn as quickly as possible?" Call it crazy - I just don't want to send the wrong message and am trying to go at it with a little bit of knowledge first.

Unless you're going into a brokerage that pays agents a salary (Redfin, Rex, Houwzer,  etc.), your money (as a solo independent agent) comes from closing on deals. Whether that is on the buy side, listing, leasing, it does not matter. You are earning a commission-based income. In regards to Graham Stephan and his big push for agents to be working on rentals/leases, he lives in the LA area which can support someone just doing leases...places like NYC can do the same. It's not all bad advice...when you're just getting started you should be working with everyone you can in order to gain experience. Think of your first year as just continuously gaining experience.

If you want to join a team there may be opportunities for you to be an ISA (inside sales agent) where you get paid an hourly rate hammering the phones making calls or paid by appointment set. Here you would hone your skills on the phone, which you could later leverage into your own business.

Maybe there is an agent in your office that is looking for a showing agent? Someone who will bring their buyer clients to homes. You may be paid here per property shown, per day, etc.

Hope this helps.