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Originally posted by @Jayden Grissom :

Best advice a new sales associate should know

Hello Jaden,

 You've already received the best advice, which is to not give up!

Aside from that:

- Make calls DAILY! Call your personal circle to let them know you're in the business. These are the easiest calls to make and the most effective for new agents. The main reason is because you already have an established relationship with them. 

The other calls to make are to FSBO and Expired listings. These folks are motivated to sell and need an agent to help them do so.

- Organize your calendar. Make sure you aren't all over the place. Set time in each day to make calls/prospect for leads (most important activity you can do). In addition, set time blocks each day to work on marketing, follow-ups, go on appointments, handle personal errands, etc.