Being a new Real estate Agent

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The REALITIES of the business and that you own your own business even if your license is with a brokerage and must generate your own leads.

Lot's of people coming from jobs find it harder when they have to run their own brand and business. You need so much money for taxes, so much to love on, so much to reinvest and grow your business, etc. Have to have a plan and put in the work to get consistent results otherwise can be sporadic at best. 

@Precious Thompson early on I'd get so wrapped up in having one or two properties in escrow that I'd put everything I had into making sure they progressed to closing successfully and I didn't miss anything or screw anything up. I'd be worried about things that were the duties of the inspector, title company, buyer, or seller. I'd get to closing, leave with my check, and realize I had nothing in the pipeline for the next sale and only then start working on new business. I ran a small service business before becoming a Realtor where I was laborer/secretary/maintenance man/marketing/HR/Accounts Receivable all wrapped into one. It took me awhile to to realize I didn't have to do it all in Real Estate.

I've learned to lean on others (lenders, title companies, inspectors, PMs, etc) throughout the process, keeping tabs on all the important things, but still showing houses, marketing for listings, networking and putting leads into the funnel while I'm getting closed sales out the bottom. I recently had three in escrow at the same time, two active listings, and a JV rehab in progress, yet I was still showing and making offers for other buyers throughout. All three closings happened within about 20 days of each other and I had another under contract shortly after. The interim period of nothing in escrow and only the active listings felt foreign and hadn't happened in several months, but offers were out awaiting response and more showings happening at my listings and me taking buyers to see others.

Successful agents who often have 5-10 in escrow at any one time learn to put systems in place, become better organized, and do more in less time, working with buyers, sellers, and through escrow with others at the same time. The beautiful thing about this industry is anything that seems to be overwhelming has someone who does that one thing as a full time job which you can eventually hire it out. I'm still playing transaction coordinator, buyers agent, open house host, etc, but I can see a day when I bring in others to do those tasks.

It still feels like herding cats at times as I build momentum, but I'm getting better at keeping things moving so I don't ever finish with one closing without anything at all on the horizon. You'll learn something new from each one to put into use on your next.  They do get easier in time.

I was talking with a team leader I know who does $40 million or more in annual volume (with a small team of a couple agents a transaction coordinator, and a marketing/inbound sales rep).  He casually mentioned to me that it was a little hectic because he had 'four closings tomorrow'.  I'd love to get to the point where four closings in a day is just 'a little hectic', haha. He doesn't work 90 hour weeks, he simply put systems and people in place as he grew.