Corporate job relocation and real estate

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My corporate company is relocating me to another state. I am planning to buy a duplex to house hack at the destination. My company is good enough to offer me a relocation package which includes a real estate agent from Coldwell Banker. What are the pros and cons of going with a company preferred agent vs going out on my own to find an agent myself?


Not every agent is created equal. Just because an agent says they work with investors does not mean that they know anything about investing in real estate. Whichever route you choose to follow whether looking for you own agent or using the one that is assigned to you, you should probably ask your agent:

  • Do they work with investors and understand investments?
  • Are they full time or part time?
  • Do they invest themselves?
  • What area of the city do the specializes in?
  • Will they make low offers?
  • Do they have other investors that they have worked with that can give them a reference? 

    It also means the 'preferred Agent' is receiving less of her standard commission as the Broker is keeping part of it for being in the Relocation referral program, and your company is likely benefitting as well.  Since Buyers generally don't pay pay their agents commission, it shouldn't matter to you, however, an agent receiving full commission may be better motivated to work harder for you.  You can search and vet an agent as well as your company can @Jia Liu .  The CB agent may also be a good fit and is likely well experienced so wouldn't hurt to give them a chance.

    HI Jia, 

    when you say they provide relocation package, are they saying they will help with closing cost and any potential cost that might not be covered by the seller? 

    If you have a specific plan, doing your own research would definitely help. Coldwell Banker may have several agents that could help you out with your needs so you might be able to do some research to see if anyone is good with duplex purchases in the relocation area. Coldwell's website probably has a way for you do search in their website. 
    Also, if you want to do your own research, asking your corporate company if they are open to covering the cost for you to use your own agent/brokerage would be best before you start doing your research. 

    Good luck~~:)