Can my personal Real Agent Help me

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I don't know this might be a dumb question, I know sometimes I overthink. But can my Real Agent help with me with other listing I see on Zillow and the other sites, even though the agent didn't present me the house ?  Like can I call "my" agent and be like Hey I see this property on Zillow for a certain price; I want to proceed and make a offer 

I'd pick an agent and any listings you see send them to the agent. It doesn't cost you anything unless it's off market. 

Originally posted by @Steve Smithy : Ok great , I'm looking to buy my first rental property and I think I found my agent. I just want to keep a good relationship with her and bring business to her as well. 

Of course!  Unless its a for-sale-by-owner in which case there is no realtor fee, they should be thrilled to make an offer for you.


Yes, I agree with everyone on this thread. Find a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in your area and allow them to do what they do best. They can be a wealth of information and your Realtor for life. I hope this helps.