Is it possible to be too young to be a real estate agent?

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Hi Christian,

Many people are very self aware and know from an early age what career is a good fit for their interest and personality type.

Fortunately this arena is open to any/all parties ..everyone has unlimited potential.

Never hesitiate to send a question ...happy to reply!!

I got mine at 18 and my brokers at 20 in CA..  was not easy in the beginning.. but i found my niche. plus in those days a good job was 2.50 an hour.. my first deal i made 900.00 for about 6 hours of work.. Light bulb went off.
now most sales will take more than 6 hours.. but you get the point

Wondering if you are too young is a limiting belief.  A limiting belief is something you believe to be true that limits you in some way. There is absolutely no reason to believe you, at 19, are too young to be a real estate agent. As long as you can enter into a legal contract I think you could be old enough to become an agent. You are most likely in a position in your life where you can work for an experienced agent so you can learn from the best and become the best. If this is something you are interested in pursuing then by all means go for it.

I think it's a great time to get into the business and feel it out. Young agents often do well working rentals in the beginning and then watching those renters become buyers in one to two years and by then, your feet are already wet. I think it would unwise to think, at 19, you would scale into luxury, but you can definitely get on a team and do some Open Houses and learn and set a path to see if you like it.

Hey @Christian Hoffmann

Congrats to you for your ambition! I work with a bunch of young aspiring real estate investors just like you, and I am willing to help you out with some advice or even chat on the phone if you wish. But I recommend you read this article I wrote for Bigger Pockets titled How to Invest in Real Estate Before Turning 21 which will address some of your questions in your post. Once you've read it, let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions. I am a high school teacher in Colorado and I am always looking to help young people get started in real estate investing or help in any way I can. Let me know if you want to chat sometime.

@Christian Hoffmann People will only know your age if you tell them. A bigger objection you might get, that every new agent gets, is why should I work with you if you're only just starting in this business? You've got the time to dedicate to them and you will make sure that everything goes well since your reputation is riding on it. You also have a team around you(make sure you find a wonderful managing broker, strong lender, great inspector).

I regret not becoming an agent sooner.  I had these same concerns that held me back.  It's tough to start and it's slow at first, but that's true for everyone.  It has nothing to do with age.

I definitely encourage you to jump in.  If you need to make some cash to subsidize income, consider working a part time job where you can meet tons of people (like Lyft/Uber- if you're comfortable with it during covid).  You can also work as a transaction coordinator for other experienced agents.  You'll be paid for this work, but you can also learn from others and stay connected with the market.

Good Luck!

Nope never too young. I started as soon as I hit 18. Hit the ground running first year closed 23 deals. This year on pace for 60+ at 20 years old. Biggest advice is KNOW your stuff. Don't be clueless and expect people to trust you. Have systems and a schedule. Also put in the work, when I started I worked 2 jobs for the first 7 months to get my feet wet. It takes a few years to stabilize being an agent with consistent closings. Make sure to prospect and always have the pipeline full. The last tid bit is have 3-4 pillars of lead sources and exploit them, can't have 20 lines in the water out the gate. Hope this helps :)

The only prerequisite to getting a license, I believe, is a high school diploma or the equivalent - if you're going the agent route. Everyone has to start somewhere so no matter how young you are, don't be discouraged. If it's something you're interested in, get started. There's nothing like the present!