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Hey guys! I'm currently active duty in the United States Marine Corps and seeking advice about obtaining my RE Agent license. I understand that it's a lot to take in but what do I really need to know and what I mean by that is do I really have to read the book from front to back? I'm currently stuck on that because that's what I been doing and I want to see what y'all did to get where y'all are at now. Thanks in advance!

I would say yes, you do need to read it from cover to cover to have a basic knowledge and pass the exam.  Now once you get started and working you may find that some of what you learned doesn't really apply day to day, but that's life right?   You may never ever run into a Major General, but if by chance you do, you will want to know what his/her rank looks like right?   You want to know how to address him/her?

For sure I would suggest knowing all the questions at the end of the chapters.  I would also take the prep class before you take the state/national exam.   If you can answer the prep questions correctly you should be able to pass the exam.

Best wishes and good luck.

@David M.

Hey David,

Yes, what do you recommend because I know after every chapter it has a chapter review and rather than reading it from cover to cover why not just read the reviews. It makes sense though to read it from cover to cover so I can at least get the basic knowledge.

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I have a follow up question to this. Any RE Investing advice you have for me since I’m still serving active duty? I’ll be getting out in Sep. 2022 but I just want to know if I should just learn as much as I can right now till I get out or begin the process of attempting to invest in RE out of state.

@Daniel J Lopez My thought is make sure you have excellent credit. If you don't get there between now and then. Bank up as much money as you can between now and then so you have a nice cash roll to get started with down payment, closing costs, expenses, repairs.

Lots of people do it, but I think it is best to invest in what you know. I think it is tough to do long distance. Personally I would wait until you know where you will be when you get out and as long as it is a place that is landlord friendly and the numbers work, invest there.

@Daniel J Lopez

I guess how you study and you want out of the course is up to you...

while you are waiting to process out, keep networking, take a look at the Homebridge (I think that's the correct program name?), and checkout your VA loan eligibility.

Good luck.

@Daniel J Lopez I would for sure read as much as possible, and when prepping for the test after the classes grab a book that incorporates the whole information/data for the test. For example, the three classes that we need to take for California were only 3 classes out of about 18 that could be taken with the test covering all 18 courses. There are some comprehensive books that detailed all classes and lined them out in good fashion to be ready to take the test. Moral of the conversation is take as much as possible in prior to the test! 

Hi Daniel. I recommend reading as much from the book as possible. Not certain if you're doing self paced or in person learning, but just doing the review section does not prepare you fully. You never know what questions you will be asked, as each exam is different. You also wouldn't want to shortcut just to gain the license. You'll end up paying more in the end just trying to pass the exam. Be as serious about it as you are about going into investing. I'm assuming you're gaining the license to be your own agent? Learn as much as you can so as not to hurt yourself and your future investments. Even if you don't use the information everyday, you'll be prepared for out of the ordinary transactions.

Hello Daniel. Lookup the PrepAgent on YouTube for some review before your exam when the time comes. His RE vocabulary review videos helped me pinpoint areas I needed to revisit for taking my state exam.

Good luck on your RE journey!

There are lots of test prep courses out there, real estate license wizard is what I'm using for mine, he has some youtube videos with info also but the course is fairly cheap. It just depends on what state you're in

Originally posted by @Daniel J Lopez :

Hey guys! I’m currently active duty in the United States Marine Corps and seeking advice about obtaining my RE Agent license. I understand that it’s a lot to take in but what do I really need to know and what I mean by that is do I really have to read the book from front to back? I’m currently stuck on that because that’s what I been doing and I want to see what y’all did to get where y’all are at now. Thanks in advance!

 A drunk monkey can pass the test to become a licensed agent. As a matter of fact 1,000's of them do it every single year. Being a successful agent is the hard part as 9 out of 10 folks fail to renew their real estate license after the first year.

If you have a solid enough base of friends, family, referrals to make good money selling, sure.

If not, it costs yearly/monthly on EKey, e&o insurance, MLS membership, required education, designations...etc.. its money you cant avoid spending.

Ultimately it's up to your judgment as to what you need.

@Daniel J Lopez I just started taking my course, through The CE shop online, so far it’s pretty helpful they have videos and different interactive activities that make learning it very easy. From what I here though most of the stuff you need to know on the real estate test is very situational and you probably won’t need it. Also after obtaining your license it’s best to work with a brokerage so a senior agent can assist in your learning.

@Daniel J Lopez

I would say it depends on how you process information and what state you want to get licensed in. I did not study for my exam besides going through the mandatory 180 hours pre licensing courses.  I am licensed in Texas and took the online course with Aceable Agent, I should the information very repetitive that further studying was not necessary. They also had great deals on Groupon, I hope this helps!

When it comes to passing the exam, I would suggest taking many,many practice tests.  I bought two other exam prep books, and went through the practice tests many times and studied very hard at the areas where I wasn't getting the right answers.  Some chapters may come easy, and others hard, but you don't really know where you are standing until you start taking some practice exams.  I passed the first try for my license earlier this year, and even though I haven't activated my license with a broker yet, its still good to have ready for when the time is right.