Looking to hang in license in central NJ

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Hi all,

Looking for a place to hang my license in central NJ. I’ve been investing for a few years and know ins and outs. I just passed the state test and need a broker sponsorship to apply for the license.

I work full time and I am very happy with my day job, however, I am very passionate about real estate and will be doing this in the evenings and weekends. I'm mostly looking for flexibility and ability to work remote and hustle my own hustle. If I can eventually move full time into real estate, that would be my goal.

Please reach out if you can help.


@Pau Kha

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You might want to touchbase with @Jonathan Greene who is based out of NNJ but puts investment agent teams together via eXp brokerage since its a pretty hands off brokerage. Its a newer, "cloud-based" national brokerage (not a franchise).

@Pau Kha I was in the same boat.  I needed the flexibility to start, get training, support, and mentorship part time so that when I did take time off from work, it was in direct support of a client.  All the rest I needed to do outside of my day job.  So like @David M. mentioned, eXp was the only option I checked out that really worked for me and didn't have a sigma toward part timers.  I will say though that there are a few challenges for new agents at the company, especially with the kind of growth we've seen.  But with the right combination of training, mentorship, and hustle you can overcome them, especially with prior real estate investing experience.  Definitely check out a few different options as one model isn't the best one for everyone.  I'll never leave though!  Too much growth opportunity here.  

Happy hustling!


Thanks @David M. Yes, @Pau Kha my entire team is investor-friendly and we have investors on board who have their license and we help them figure out the best way to use it for them. We have a team member who is an investor in East Brunswick and about 25 of our agents are spread across NJ. DM if you want to discuss.