Advice for future agent thats new to RE

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I’ve started my RE classes and have set out looking for a brokerage. I’m also looking for advice on learning about investing and where to start? I’ve started listening to Bigger Podcast because it’s a good forum for agents and investors.

Tip: Join your local REIA and advertise your services. Real estate agents often disregard investors. If you can really tailor your services to the investor community, you'll be one of few who RE investors will come to.

Tip: RE is what you make it (within the law of course). RE agent classes will teach you what you need to know to conduct basic RE operations. When you join your local REIA, you'll learn all the ways in which you can be creative in RE.

@Christina Jacobs Real estate school will not teach you much about investing. In addition to listening to podcasts, YouTube, and real estate investor meet ups will be your best friend.

When looking for a brokerage, make sure it aligns with your goals. Does it require office time? Maybe you have a full-time job and cannot accommodate that. Does it have the training you need? Does it have favorable commission splits?

Good luck!

You’re in the right place, there are some incredibly smart and successful people here. The podcasts are great, but check out the webinars too, they’re really focused and solid. I’ve learned the most by jumping in and doing, start before your ready, but also from connecting with individuals on here and talking on the phone or PMs. In the past few weeks I’ve messaged a dozen or so people and have had awesome conversations where I got more than I do just browsing forums for hours. Most here is very willing to share their story and experience. What attracted you to real estate investment and becoming an agent? Do you know what you want to do with investment and what niche you like best?