Cold Calling lists and new agent marketing suggestions

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This post is a little more geared towards real estate agents. I am somewhat new, and everything I am reading is telling me to cold call so I am willing to give it a shot. Where do you recommend getting a list from?

Also if you have or still cold call, what is your success with it. Are the cost and time worth it? Plus any suggestions for a new agent would be much appreciated. people, text, email, and message...FB and Linkedin, people who know you, love you, trust you, already would do business with you......friends, family, relatives, school friends, college friends, sorority sisters, church friends, old work friends, social friends, volunteer friends.   I think you need to ask them more than just if they are moving or know someone who might be are there any FSBOs on their block or in their neighborhood....any vacant houses....etc.  Then you work those and easy to have a conversation about those.

Then if you want to work lists...pick a niche you like and are comfortable with....maybe it is a list of senior know...kid going to college next year, parents want to downsize....or code violations....or people going through divorce, or pre-foreclosures, and the niches go on and on....there are all kinds of list providers around.  You can use the traditional providers that do lists for real estate agents like Expired and FSBOs, which in my market are slim and none right now.  You can reach out to your title company to see if they have lists.   I've seen a couple of CE classes online that show how to work lists....and then you could just google "real estate lead lists providers" and see what comes up.  Someone like foreclosures daily I believe has nationwide lists.

I don’t want to say cold calling is BS, because people do it, and it does work, but there are better ways. Like Bruce suggested, start messaging, texting or calling people you know. After I passed my test I posted about it on Facebook and got 25 comments, my normal posts get 2-3. Im messaging a couple people a day, not even about real estate, just staying in touch. I haven’t talked to “mike” in 10 years, but I’m going to message him and say “hey it’s been forever how are you, I saw your business post the other day, I was wondering what kind of roofing you specialize because I have people asking me for roofers all the time”. Bring value first if you can.

VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO, you gotta be on video. Every social media platform promotes video, they reward you for using it because their users are spending more time on it. Video converts better in emails, websites and social. It demonstrates your personality so people get to know like and trust you before meeting you. So I could say to mike, “hey I’m a realtor and interviewing local contractors, to teach homeowners. can I interview you on video, talk about your business and the advantages of metal roofs” he gets more business, I educate homeowners, build authority and attention, and hopefully when mike thinks of a realtor he’ll refer me because I brought him value.

Social media is a longer game, you’re not going to get clients from it right away, but it’s far more scalable than cold calling. It creates warm leads, and can provide value to others first, and keeps your attention level up. Grant cardone says best attention beats best product or service. It’s true, in my town one top brokerage has all the attention, doesn’t matter if they’re better, people just think they are. If you can have best attention and best product, you’ll crush it.

You just have to find which strategy works for you and your style, and go all in. Ricky Carruth is a big cold calling guy on YouTube if that’s what you like. People in his Facebook group call 500 numbers a day or week, get 5-10 answers, and a few become prospects. It does work eventually. Just remember Ricky built his reputation with video marketing on YouTube lol

Sorry that’s so long, that’s my take on social media and video marketing. I’m a new agent like you, struggling to find ways to market myself quickly. If you’re interested I’d love to call or zoom about anything related to social media and video, to share what I’ve learned. I’d love to know your thoughts about being a new agent, it would honestly help me a lot to know what other new agents struggle with and that I’m not alone haha

There are advanced dialers

Out there that do much of the work for you at a small cost 

Prospecting is key to real growth however how it is done is a great debate for our times we are all fatigued  and have become jaded by the amount of  bad solicitations we all get 

I expect this to get worse as we evolve and too many people misuse the phone.

marketing to Solve the anonymity problem will be core to your growth.
Attraction marketing even more so Having the discipline , patience's and courage to show who you really arecobsistently  along with the value you are  will help bring in business. Combined with a paid marketing budget and effort will deliver opportunitties for you to thrill through your intereactions.