Can you do both commercial and residential?

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As I am doing more deals as an agent, I find myself gravitating towards the commercial space both as an investor but also as a broker.  My question is can you honestly do both?  If I want to do commercial do I need to jump on the way in or can I continue to do residential deals to maintain income?  Help me see what I am missing, would love thoughts!

Cole never limit yourself to just one thing when it comes to real estate.  Once you start to grow use that momentum to jump on bigger and better deals.  You have commercial to consider but you also have "Mixed use" commercial/residential mix which is really growing fast.  I would recommend you align yourself with a solid bank/lender who can underwrite and fund residential, commercial, & Mixed use for you and all of your buyers/seller.

If you decide to do both you are just allowing yourself to grow and offer more options to more buyers.