New agent looking for advice

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Hey everyone, Im a new agent out of southern california and i must admit that i am stuck.. Ive paid all the necessary fees, got my license and ready to rock and roll but i have no idea what im supposed to be doing. Is there some kind of training that my broker is supposed to provide to me? I have no idea, im just so lost on what im supposed to be doing not only as an agent but a NEW agent. Anyone out there with any advice?

Im particularly struggling to find clients and market myself.

Congrats on taking on a career in RE.  I would say your training expectations should be based on the firm you joined.  Don't expect as much from a $50/mo 100% commission company vs one that offers superior training like KW or ReMax.  Build your sphere and "touch" your sphere, 36 times a year via phone, text, email, b'day cards, gifts, coffee, etc. Make it a goal to have conversations about real estate daily with anyone...prospects, other agents, past clients, your dentist....and so on. Doesn't have to be salesy. Network, work on personal development and build a youtube channel on a specific niche or neighborhood. The Miracle Morning for REA was a good one for me.  If you don't have it in you to be self-starter, join a productive team as suggested above.  It's on you to interview and find the right team for your path.  Best wishes, it isn't as easy as the general public believes it is.

Joining a team is going to be your best bet. In terms of how to find one, I'd do some research. Who is an agent in your city that has the business you want? If you could be any agent in your city in 5 years, who would it be?

Once you know who that person is, go to them and make yourself indispensable so you can join their team and learn from them

If you're asking here instead of your Broker you might have the wrong broker, maybe. Most important thing when starting I think is being at the right spot! Whether that's a great team or a great brokerage, you want to be around high achievers who want to help! I like KW because of the people I work and the atmosphere with more than anything. If you don't feel like where you are is like that, look around and find somewhere that is:) But no matter where you go, it takes a lot of hustle! Use a database/CRM religiously. Talk to 20 people a day about real estate and it will snowball! Take good notes in your CRM, if you're talking to enough people to make a living you're talking to more people than you can remember details on. Someone says they're selling next year, put reminders in your database so they don't fall through the cracks. Just talk to as many people as you can. Social media, door knocking, open houses, and a ton of other ways can help get you there. Decide what you want to do (as long as your not using social media or anything else to avoid live conversations) and stick with a couple strategies. Don't do a small amount of 10 different things. If you do open houses, DO open houses, better and more consistently than anyone else in the area. If you're doing FSBO's, or Expired, do them with everything you're got. Don't dabble in something for a few weeks and jump ship. Commit, and master one arena before expanding into other ideas.
Good luck!