New agents finding investor clients

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Hello everyone, I’m now a brand new agent licensed in the Northern Va area and I was wondering if without giving away your super secretive tactics how do you all look for investor clients looking to buy or sell. I’m sure meetups and Facebook groups are a great place to start and I’m starting to get into those but I was just looking for any other advice from anyone willing to contribute 

Thanks for your time

Hey! I am located in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, so not too far away from NOVA. Your ideas of facebook and meetups are on point! I also suggest building your network her on BP, and responding to investors questions, and make posts. You will be amazed how quickly investors that are active on BP will reach out to you. I also suggest setting up some keyword alerts that will let you know when any posts are talking about your area, so you can jump on and comment! 

Let me know what areas you are working in and if I have any investors looking in your areas I can send them your way! Thanks Aaron