Offering Memorandum Template

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Would anyone have an offering memorandum template that they wouldn’t mind sharing? I am trying to create a sales packet for two commercial properties we are in the process of listing, and this would be super helpful!

not sure what your going to use them for but my understanding is you cant create your own or copy them.. they must be individually made by an attorney for the specific project ??  at least thats what i have been told by lawyers on the subject.

From what I think you're saying, you're not looking for an official term sheet or PPM?  More like a pitch deck?

There are a ton of samples at Envato where you can download for free on a trial account.  You can also go to Investor Deal and get some goodies there.  Another thing I did though, was go to and select a pitch deck creator that took the content I wanted and made a PPT file for me.