How do you analyze real estate market

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There are many levels to analyzing the market. Start asking yourself questions. Is it expensive? is there new growth? i.e. growth of jobs, school, roads and other infrastructure. What was the average appreciation over the last couple years? is it consistent or volatile? What is the crime rate? Are you near and landmarks or recreationally areas? what is the demand? why would someone want to live there compared to somewhere else? What are the schools like? Start searching on zillow, redfin, and other sites to see what home prices are. How much inventory is there? then start looking into CAP Rates for that area analyze some deals and see if the area makes sense to invest in. Simplest way is to see what others are doing. Are other investors making money in that area. attend local meet ups, and talk to people to get insight into areas. Start with where you are. After you analyze the area if it makes sense to invest, good your lucky. If not move on and then you will have something to compare it too. Where are you currently thinking of investing?