Washington State Realtors License, Newbie. Advice Please!

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Hi BP community.

I passed the Washington State Realtors license exam and I am looking for a place to hang my sign somewhere near where I live here in Lake Stevens.

My current work schedule is 12 hour days Wednesday thru Friday, between that and getting the kids off to school/distance learning I don't have much time on those days.  That leaves the other 3-4 days open to hustle and earn extra income to invest.

If you have any recommendations on places or things to do before I contact those places.  Please let me know.

Thank you.

I am looking for more in person. Virtual certainly has its place but starting out being around others is better.

I would like to invest in commercial real estate but since I cannot be there all the time do to my current work, I was thinking residential to start.

Hey Greg, congrats on getting your license. I work out of the Windermere Office in Marysville and love the support I get there. I started out "part-time" as well as I transitioned from my finance job and they were completely cooperative with me. Let me know if you want to learn more about the office. 

Exp Reality is another good option that is more virtual with lower splits, but it sounds like you want something more in person.

Hello Greg! Like Kyle, I am also with Windermere but at their Mukilteo office. They have been pretty great with training. The managing broker is very responsive and happy to help with any questions that I have. This seems to be the norm with Windermere so I recommend you check them out!