Moving to HTX in a few months..

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I’ll be moving to HTX in a few months to serve a 3 year national guard contract. Looking for a REA to help me find a duplex or triplex to begin my real estate investment journey. 77082 is the zip code where my unit is located so I’ll like to live 15-20 minutes from work.

@Dagoberto Hubert Jr thanks for your service! Multi-family units in the Houston area are primarily located inside the inner loop. The further outside of that you get the more sparse they become. As a matter of fact there are only 2 active and 1 pending near the zip code you specify. It will be a relatively hard goal to accomplish to find one within 15-20 minutes.

I can send you a list of what's currently available within a radius of that zip code if you'd like to take a look for yourself.

@Dagoberto Hubert Jr Welcome to Houston, Texas in advance and thank you for your service.

You are looking for a unicorn. Multi-Family is already scarce and highly competitive. 

With your 15-20 minutes radius from your work, you will make it even more difficult for yourself to find something nice.