Listing Agent Business Card

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Hello fellow real estate agent members, I’m a relatively new real estate agent and I only wanna focus on listings. With that being said, I wanted to know if it’s appropriate for me to only print business cards that specify that I’m a listing agent?

Thanks, Michael Nijhawan

It's fine as far as that goes.  Nobody is going to say it's unethical or anything.  

BUT, do you really want to chase business away?  It's fine if you do -- no skin off my nose!  Maybe check with the top listing agent in your office, or in the board and see how many buyers they handled and what their business would look like if they didn't serve buyers, too.  Even the top agents are about 50/50.  Just food for thought. . . 

Here's a snapshot of the 1st page of my board in Pinellas for reference.  Ignore Jack Keller -- he's a limited service flat fee brokerage.

Since you're a new agent, I'll go down a bit in production -- maybe 6 million / year agents:

@Dan Maciejewski makes a great point. I'm sure you've heard the saying "list to last" and although I think listing makes it easier to scale your business, they're much harder to get than buyers. My favorite part of attaining a listing is hosting open houses to meet more buyers... they're shopping for homes and wanting someone to help them find/buy one, aka a paycheck waiting to get cashed.