New real estate agent - gain more knowledge & not feel dumb

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Hello, good morning,

I wanted to get some advice and insights from other agents on methods and tactics that they use to gain knowledge about real estate so that, when they are conversing with people in general, they know what they’re talking about. My issue is, I’m a new part-time agent and I shy away from real estate conversations because I feel I don’t know enough, which makes me feel dumb. Any advice is most appreciated!

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Michael Nijhawan

When I got into lending I felt the same way! I felt dumb because I really didn't know what I was doing. I essentially turned into the rocky Balboa of lending lol. I kept taking phone calls and got through a lot awkward situations. I also joined a ton of real estate groups on Facebook and BP. Anytime a question came up I didn't know, I would start to research the topic. This shaped into an actual lender! You can do the same. Immerse your self in the job and CONFINENCE WILL GROW!!

Hey Michael. Don't worry about it. Everyone goes through this phase and I am going through it. Most people will understand that you're new and that's fine. Just offer value, bring deals, and keep trying and eventually... eventually by providing enough off market deals and leads to your clients like I do for mine, you'll start to understand your market and real estate in general.

Don't let buyers or sellers push you around big dog! You are smart!