Finding off market deals In this day and age

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Hello bigger pockets community, as a new real estate part-time agent, I was wondering what are the best ways and insights to find off market deals in this day and age? What I mean by in this day and age is, during the crazy pandemic and with a crazy hot real estate market. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

I would say a great way to find deals is driving for dollars, cold calling, and county lists.

You got to be a go getter. Go after the lead don't wait for them to come to you!

Buy a list...develop that like crazy to them.

I get lots of letters....but normally just one...I have lots of properties so when it is generic or cryptic I don't respond.  Better to say I want to buy your house in X city or X neighborhood so I know what interests you.

So your niches might be you're contacting the occupants and the behind or in front of or both, ever post card and letter you send out.  Probates, utility disconnections, Trashout guys, Storage unit guys, code enforcement violations, delinquent taxes, etc.

@Michael Nijhawan    Buying a list means, going to a list provider and buying a list of names and contact info for whatever niche you want to go after.  You might can source some of these yourself like divorce filings, or foreclosure postings, but it is a fair amount of work and not all that much money to buy a list someone else has prepared and probably has better info.  For example the divorce list might have names and addresses for both parties and their attorneys if they have them.  You call, mail, call again and repeat 12x or more....seeing if they want to sell the asset.