Brokerage Suggestions needed. suburbs of Philadelphia.

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I am looking for brokerage that takes part-time agent that's newly licensed. Near Exton/West Chester

A few Challenges i ran into:

1. No Big name brokerage. I got my licensed in Feb.2021 and was with eXp. However, I have a full-time job with a consulting firm that defined eXp as 'Restricted Entity', which means I can't work with eXp anymore. Any national brand like KW, Century 21, BSHW... mostly are restricted. 

2. Don't have floor time/ cold call requirement. My other Full-time job is very demanding. at this point I will not be able to commit 

3. I am new. The reason why I got licensed was to invest. Got to start from somewhere. I want to learn abt how to handle the transactions and do my own. But will need help from seasoned agent's as mentor. 

Any suggestions or advise are greatly appreciated. 



Our investor-friendly team is growing into Philly now, but we are with eXp so it couldn't work for you. We do have a Thursday night (non-brokerage, for investors) Philly call at 8 pm on Zoom which you may like. Just look up Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing in the events for Philly. We get about 25-30 on each call. Your best bet, brokerage wise, is a smaller mom and pop because of the restrictions, but you won't get any training that you need. I have a few full-time tech workers on my team and they have not had any issues.

@Chu L. Sorry to hear it didn't work out with EXP. I know we spoke a few months back when you were looking initially and I mentioned my office Vanguard Realty in West Chester. That night be a good arrangement since it is not a big firm. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! 

@Rich O'Neill Hello Rich. Thank you for the suggestions. Yes I actually tried Vanguard Realty. However, because Vanguard ( the financial group) has a few sub-companies and Vanguard as the parent company is restricted. So any company with "Vanguard" as part of the name I have to open a case and have them evaluate...which takes forever.. lol But thank you for the suggestion. 

I am actually going with Springer Exton.