Tips or Advice for a new RE agent

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Im about to pull the trigger to start the process on getting my real estate license.

Its something ive kicked around for a while now and finally decided its the right move.

Is there any tips tricks or advice from the trade that you have for me? 

Prospect, prospect, prospect. Stick to a schedule. Find a 3-4 pillars where you get leads and focus on those. Always be learning the market, strategies, financing, etc. Network with different vendors or agents, sometimes it's who you know that can lead to opportunities. Treat people right, be honest, upfront, and helpful. Once you close keep in touch, be friends. Don't be a secret agent on social media, even with a small audience post content. I know these are broader statements so if you have more questions PM me. I got licensed at 18 and had to completely build a client base. 

Focus on listings vs buyers.  Most markets are super hot right now ....that means even the overpriced listings sell, the ugly ones sell, the difficult ones sell.  Now is the time to take every listing you can.

Most new agents seem to focus on buyers.  Now is not the time to do that.  You think you can make offer after offer after offer with a buyer and not get anything.  Just had an agent tell me he made 17 offers on his next personal home and did not get one yet.   

So just something to think about.

Join a company that will give you unlimited training, is growing, is debt free, and practices what they preach.  Ask to see their training room, ask to see their training calendar, ask how much the training costs.   RE school teaches the basics, but you want plenty of other training to teach you how to prospect and how to win the business.