Real estate agents- I have a question

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Hi everyone, my name is Nicole and I am just getting started in real estate. I currently live in Florida, but I am moving to fort mill, South Carolina. I am looking to invest in North Carolina as well, since the border is 20 minutes away.

First problem- I originally thought I would be moving to Atlanta, GA but there was a last minute change. So, I am currently getting my Georgia real estate license because I started a while ago. There supposedly is reciprocity between GA/NC/SC, so should I continue with my GA license? Or should I drop it and do the NC license instead?

My question is would I have to do continuing education for each separate license? Or does the 9 hours per year count for all of them? 

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you so much!

@Hersh Shah you may have some good insight into this? 

I do know that they reciprocate to some degree but I am not sure to what extent. I am an agent out of SC and have thought of getting my NC license since I am just minutes from the NC line. 

You typically need to do separate CE classes for each license. There are a few places, like the CE Shop, that if the class is approved in multiple states, you can buy the certificate for the other states it is approved in.  This is typical only available for a few elective credits, and not the required classes.

@Nicole Shah @Austin Grant McDowell

GA does offer reciprocity to SC. CE credits are separate for each state though so if you get GA and want to maintain it, you will need to continue with your CE credits. Once you have SC, you can go to NC because of their reciprocity, but again CE rules apply.

The biggest thing you want to consider is the cost of having your license active in multiple states. Hope that helps!