License just signed up for course

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I just signed up to get my real estate license, is there things in particular I should pay extra attention to?

My goal is to use the license to help view properties in order to grow my personal portfolio. 

Since I have little money currently I'm thinking of starting out wholesaling and using the income I earn from selling real estate to invest myself. 

Starting out as a real estate agent do you recommend joining a broker  and if so where do you suggest to get started?

Congratulations...that's the first step.   Next step is to connect with a great broker to be your sponsor.  One that is growing like crazy, debt free, and has outstanding training.   Always ask to see the training room.  Real Estate is a contact sport and you want to get as much live and in person training as you can.   Ask to see the training calendar and ask how much the training costs.   Check to see what coaching opportunities are available.