New real estate agent jitters

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Hi bigger pockets community,

I’m excited about officially becoming a real estate agent with Keller Williams NYC. The real estate community is a very inviting bunch however it can be very competitive. Looking for anyone who has words of wisdom, advice, or recommendations for a new agent who’s eager to learn more about the industry. 

Hi @Aryka Ortego way to go with getting your license.  Being committed to a long term success is a great way to look at your RE business.  Deals are typically 60-90 days away so even if you have qualified buyers and sellers you don't get paid for a few months out.   Most new agents make the mistake of thinking all friends and family will use them as their agent but in reality most everyone knows a few realtors so finding a niche and sticking with it will help separate you from the others...  Hopefully this helps, if you would like advice on how to close 3 deals in your first 3 months feel free to PM.  

Congratulations @Aryka Ortego on becoming an agent!

Relationship’s Relationship and Relationships developing strong relationships and understanding that there are so many agents out there so how can you stand out in your clients eyes and take care of them each agent can standout in there own way depending on there personality so find what you’re great at and double down! Good luck!

@Aryka Ortego

Dive deep into Bigger Pockets.

I love Audible for real estate related books on tape.

I hit YouTube for contrarian and conventional points of view on real estate.

Lead generate like it is going out of style.

Embrace the KW team. Get to know as many as possible within the organization.

Dedicate a significant portion of your social life to real estate related activities. Get to know how to speak real estate.

If you are so inclined, join a Toastmaster’s Club to improve your public speaking skills.

Above all: have heart. It is a process. Don’t take it personal. Be a professional. Work on yourself. Serve others.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to this post! This was very help, already I’m researching some of the points that you all listed. Would like to find a niches that works for me but I’m not sure if that just comes with time and experience or if I should pick something that works with doing business in nyc. Also if anyone has book or podcast recommendations, aside from BiggerPockets, would love to hear them. 

@Aryka Ortego follow the KW model, the book has already been written by Gary Keller. Keeping things simple and straightforward has worked best for me. Read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and The One Thing and do as many KW trainings as you can. Let me know if I can help.

@Aryka Ortego

Congratulations! Be sure you know your why behind why you are doing this so when things get tough you can power through. I started out on a team which I found super beneficial to have a mentor and team members to bounce questions off of as well as get leads from the team.