Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth the Cost

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I just completed a 6 month tryout of Zillow. I was promised 2-5 “leads” a month. It was more like 1-2 leads and they weren’t even real leads. They were either thinking I was the seller agent, half already had a buyer agent, and the others really didn’t know what they wanted. Also, when I reached out for follow up with my “leads”, there were rarely responses, if at all - dead ends. Zillow has a good sales pitch but don’t be sold. It may work if you spend thousands per month to get more leads then it’s just the law of averages. I would advise to stay away. 

Updated about 2 months ago

I got lucky on the first inquiry and was able to make a profit but that was the only one. Other than that, it was pure garbage like most of these programs are. It sucks that they rip realtors off with the sales pitch. Live and learn.

I do know agents that have great success with the platform, however more often than not I hear about experiences like yours. For that reason I haven't tried it out yet. I've explored similar programs with other sites and had the same experience.

@Jesse Raspler

I'm not the biggest advocate for Zillow's services or leads but we have had a ton of success with them.

We generally see a 6-9 month timeframe for most leads to be converted to signed clients. With the right nurturing system, these leads can become clients and/or referral sources within 12 months. Make sure you're practicing objections and your script/intake questions.

That being said, its a numbers game as you implied. If you get dozens or hundreds of these leads, you will undoubtedly convert but this comes with a heftier price tag. I wouldn't rely on zillow leads too much. The best online leads are the ones that organically find your website, social media page(s), google business page, yelp page, zillow profile, etc.