Real estate agent license

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Whats the total per yr cost of keeping your real eatate license current? Does having a real estate license give you access to more properties than are available on, if so is the greator selection worth the fees needed to be paid as an agent?

@Alex Mondragon

Depends on your brokerage fees, MLS dues, and if you're part of NAR, but probably ball park a couple thousand a year.

Yes, you get significantly more data than redfin and Zillow gives, because you can see all sold properties which is how you'll find comps.

You may be able to team up with a realtor who is interested in helping you out. I got my license because I wanted more information and to dive into the world of real estate. I have made a bit of money already just by helping people I know do what I love to do - buy and sell homes.

@Alex Mondragon

That's exactly where I was. I wanted to learn more and figured the best way to do it was diving in. I love investing, but being an agent takes a lot less of YOUR money to be profitable right away, PLUS you get to do deals with your clients and learn along the way!