Looking to connect with people around Atlanta

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Hello all!

I’m looking at investing in Atlanta. On top of being a realtor in NY and wanting to get my license down there, I want to do some longer-term visits to see how things work for me and my family first.

Obviously, I'm looking to get into investing in the area, but I need to get to know the lay of the land, and networking over time, so I need a place to stay. What are good areas to look in? Are there any REIA's in the area?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Todd Sullivan !

I would stay somewhere that is fairly central for your first trip so that you can get anywhere (except the outskirt counties) within an hour. The first trip is just exploratory, to get a lay of the land and meet some folks active here in ATL. There are two active REIAs in the area: ATL REIA and GA REIA. Check out their sites for more info and events. There are also tons of smaller, less official groups on BP and meetup.com. I would recommend planning a trip out when there are a few different groups meeting that interest you. 

I'm not sure what kind of clients you typically service or what kind of investments you're looking for, but I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss further. Shoot me a message when you have some dates!

Couldn't agree more with what Brenden said above (highly recommend a meet with him- ample knowledge to be gained from Brenden). To dive into a couple areas more specifically I would see if you could find a weekly or monthly rental in Brookhaven, Midtown, Buckhead, Vinings, Dunwoody, or Sandy Springs. Pretty central locations while still being family friendly depending on your nuclear family's age and such. Metro Atlanta has some really good Public Schools throughout the suburbs that you may find a beneficial endeavor to learn about should you be considering the move. As far as investing these areas are nicer areas for you to stay in with relatively smooth drives to most of the areas you should be considering investing in.