The mediation process for disturbed clients

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I am new in this career but my goal is to have multiple streams of income because I like to stay excited and busy. 

That being said I will be finishing up my degree in peace and conflict studies in just over a year.  I thought I would never use it (and that still may be the case) but I recently learned that mediators frequently deal with real estate disputes to try to help the parties come to an agreement before using court as an option.

Do these mediators need years of legal schooling, or could this be a certification I could get in less than a year? I looked up some information online but I just wasn't finding the direct answers I was looking for. 

Hey Chelsea! Welcome to real estate

So, I'll be 100% honest. I've worked in real estate for years, and we are a transaction coordination company, so we see a TON of contracts...orders of magnitudes higher than any one agent

I have never once come across a mediator used to settle a real estate dispute

I have see arbitration, where a decision is made in (typically) one day outside of a court room. However, arbitration is almost always presided over by a retired judge