Selling a property in GA from Singapore?

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Hi, I have a client that's going to sell his GA multifamily unit who reside in CA but currently lives in Singapore. Does anyone has experience seller a property from out of sea? (He has green card)

Thank you so much!

1.  You probably first want to speak with title company regarding FIRTA and see how that applies to the seller.  If they are subject to FIRTA then you want to ensure there is enough equity to pay the withholding.

2. Where will the seller be for closing? You may want to check with title to see if they will allow online notary with signer in another country. If not they need POA to someone in US who can sign, or determine how to sign at the embassy in Singapore with US notary. You would think in someplace organized like Singapore it would be an easy process, but I have found the places where you would think it is easiest sometimes are the hardest and most expensive. Sometimes $20/signature, and 2-3-4 week advance appointment.