I am 17 and HUSTLING to be the best when I turn 18

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Hey guys! I am 17 years old and am currently in real estate school. I want to be able to hit the ground running when I turn 18. Do any of you guys have advice for me to do in the meantime. Thanks!! 

Start building your database.  Who will do business with you the day you get your license?  Get names, addresses, phone numbers, emails....ask your mentors who would do business with you...your parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, etc.

Think about what niches or niches you want to focus.

Read everything you can about real estate between now and then.

Find the most successful real estate investors, agents, brokers, etc in your area between now and then and take them to lunch.  In my goals notebook, I have a page that lists people I want to meet this year.  Typically those are people who have been very successful in real estate.

You might be pretty busy, but if you can even get a part time job working for an agent, investor, or successful real estate person in the area you want to focus, that would be good....doing trashouts, changing locks, putting out signs, helping with open houses, making sure the flyer boxes are full, delivering documents, doing social media for someone.

You could start building your social media channel now....interview lenders, inspectors, title company people, investors, etc.

@Jaxon Poulton If you are going to be an agent IMO try to build up the best network of people that will help your buyers. This may or may not be the preferred people the brokerage company you work for prefers.

For instance my Realtor has worked for his firm for over 20 years. He refers me to one inspector who is the best in the area. His inspection reports can be scary they are so thorough. The last property he did for me he got my price down $100,000 on a $300,000 property with the issues he found.

My realtor knows a Septic specialist. He only inspects septic systems. He doesn’t build them, service them, or design them. You get an unbiased opinion of how your system works.

These relationships are worth their weight in gold to your buyers!