Southern Utah Agent?

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Hello everyone! My Fiancé and I have fallen in love with So.Ut! Any agents in this area? We would love to house hack a duplex to make our move doable. We are coming from CT (so also an expensive market). 
Also, if anyone has any important info they would like to share about this area I am all ears! TIA! 

@Sadierose Lemire . That’s very exciting, good luck! I can refer you to an agent through my broker. I am up north, we thought about investing in St. George until it skyrocketed. We ended up investing in a different area of Utah. Such a great area though, and hot! 😝. We can connect in case you need anything else.

I am an agent in Southern Utah. How can I best help you Sadierose?

I actually may have a line on a duplex coming up for sale. 

Give me a call at 435-619-9415