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Good morning all,

My name is Richard Swift, I am 35 years of age, and just got my California real estate salesperson license to start helping people in the greater Sacramento area. I am also a real estate investor, owning two multi family properties in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. 

After receiving my license I don’t really know what the next best steps would be for me, and I am hoping some of you would be kind enough to share your experiences just starting out, and offer any tips to getting started or getting a head start in the business. I just started interviewing brokers: Keller Williams, Lyons and Caldwell  Banker, and really am leaning toward KW for training purposes. 

The reason for this post if to get some seasoned insight or advice that I could implement to get my best start possible as a new real estate agent in Sacramento. Thank you

Welcome to BP.  I started with KW for the training and have never left.  There are not secrets,  make 20 new contacts a day and you will have more business than you can handle.  

87% of people fail out of the business altogether. Figure out how to be part of the 13% who make it.

If you do make it...

Only 50% of agents make more than $50k per year. Figure out how to be above the 50% mark.

If you can do that then...

1% of all agents make $450k and above. Figure out how to be in that 1%.

Then if you can do that....

0.5% of all agents make $1 million and above. Figure out how to be in that 0.5%.

Hello @Richard Swift ,

I totally agree with @Joe Bertolino and @Bruce Lynn regarding KW and the book recommendations. I started with KW early in my career and learned a lot while I was there.

As far as actionable advice for a brand new agent:

1. Make a list of EVERYONE in your personal circle! Friends, family members, co-workers (current and past), neighbors, and anyone else in your sphere of influence from social and spiritual gatherings.

2. Call, text, and email them to let them know you're in the business and ask 'Who do you know that is interested in buying, selling or investing in Real Estate?'

3. Follow up with your personal circle 4-8X per year.

* If you don't have their email address or home address, collect this info and upload all contact info to a CRM so that you can systematically remain in contact throughout the year.

Best of luck to you moving forward!


A warm welcome @Richard Swift

Yes Keller Williams has a great training program. If your satisfied with their training consider staying on and relocating to an office near you.

Also take any education classes at PCAR and/or Sacramento Association of Realtors that the instructors recommend in addition to what KW has to offer.