Systems and Automations

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Hello @Nathan Barshinger ,

Many ways to answer this one so I'll just give a list of systems we've put in place over the last 12-24 months to grow from 25 transactions a year to over 100 transactions:

- Create templates for EVERY document that you use and for every email you send out i.e. - client emails, transaction coordination emails, spreadsheets, commission invoices, agreements/contracts, offer letters/binders, etc.

- Use a CRM - We use KV Core which is included in our brokerage's monthly tech fee. 

- Task management programs or project management tools like Slack, Asana,, Sisu, etc.

- Virtual assistants are an inexpensive way to save your time by assigning some of time consuming yet necessary tasks that can occupy your time i.e. sending documents for e-signature, scheduling, social media posts and graphic creation, transaction coordination, etc.

- Record yourself completing each of the repetitive tasks that you handle on a day-to-day basis so that you can use the recording as a training tool for future office assistants, receptionists, VAs, etc.

- Scheduling links, like those offered with calendly or acuity, can save you hours each week when it comes to scheduling appointments with clients and vendors.

- showingtime (or similar services depending on your mls) will save you hours or days from your week especially if you have a hot listing that everyone wants to see. This is has been one of the biggest game changers for our team.

I'm sure there are more tips that the BP community can share but these are just a few things that come to mind.

Best of luck to you Nathan!