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Hi Everyone,

Just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules. I just became a real estate agent in New Hampshire under eXp Realty. I am working on creating my website and want to know: am I allowed to use the word Realty in my domain name, if I'm only a salesperson and not a broker? like as an example?

I appreciate any input!

Thank you,

Kevin Prouty

“Realty” is fine.  You can’t use “Realtor” because it’s a trademarked name.  (It’s officially REALTOR®.)  But questions like this should always be posed to your broker.

Some brokerages have a rule against this because it could lead members of the public to think that you yourself are the brokerage. There may be areas where it's a state rule, in WA the last brokerage I worked for had a specific rule against using 'realty', so check with your brokerage first.

The word 'homes' is safe. Nothing with 'realtor' is OK even if you're a member of NAR.

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Originally posted by @Kevin Prouty :

@Russell Brazil  Okay so it seems a safer bet would be to use right? Or is that ending in the same boat as realty?

Yes. Use as your ending.  A lot of states are moving toward banning the use of realty in domains, so you will just struggle with that later!

@Kevin Prouty when I first started I tried freebornrealty. My then managing broker told me that my state only allows brokerages to have realty (and a few others) in their names. So we quickly rebranded as freebornhomes. Check with your broker and local mls.