25% down on 4 family and up?

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I just opened a contract on a 4plex. All the lenders I talk to want 25% down. Anyone know about getting a loan on a property like this? Can I do it for less than 25% down?

Any help would be great

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This post has been removed.

I am a loan originator for Global Equity Lending. I work with 248 lenders and can work with credit scores of 500 or better. I can do 20% or less. For more info contact me at [email protected] or call me at 214-392-4584

If it is a true 4 plex I can do it with 10% down with a 680+ credit score.Email me or call me if you need more info.

[email protected]

There are 100% investor loans available for one to four unit purchases you can do full doc, stated, stated-stated. The lenders will allow 2 to 3% of the purchase price to go towards buyers closing costs al well.


Did you know that because this is considered commercial property there is a way for you to originate your own loan on this property and get paid to do it?

If your interested contact me at [email protected] send me your phone number and let me know a good time and I'll call you.


My company has the following program available:

Non-owner occupied
1-4 unit
100% LTV
3% sellers assist

Please contact me for further info!

Ryan Holliday
EFI Capital
[email protected]

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