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I need an attorney in Rockford, IL to file a foreclosure for me. I called several attorneys in Rockford, and two law firms in Chicago, and nobody wanted to take my case. Please let me know if know any good foreclosure attorney or foreclosure service in IL. 



Did you call the Trustee listed on the deed of trust, s/he has already been appointed to handle a foreclosure. If they are no longer practicing call the IL. Bar, someone took their place.

If no luck there, call a closing company in the area and see who is being appointed as Trustee at settlements, most likely they will have an attorney. Call them and inquire. Good luck :)

@KC Zhang ,

I do not know a foreclosure attorney but I know a great title company that may be able to point you to one.  I hope that helps.

Title Underwriters Agency


@Craig Wilcox @Bill Culley

Thanks both for your replies. I got few references from Underwriters Agency and engaged an attorney for this case. 

Happy investing! 


@KC Zhang - I am currently needing to foreclose on a property in IL as well. Would you mind sending me the information of the attorney you hired and perhaps the result of your case? How did the process turn out? 

My attorney is in Rockford, as always... the process is long and cost more than I thought. I had another case in IN, little better than IL. 

The law firm I used in IL has multiple offices in IL (Chicago, Rockford, etc) I will PM you with contact info. 

A large part of my business is REO management and Receivership. We've foreclosed on hundreds of assets as the receiver; hence, I've made a lot of close relationships with attorneys that strictly specialize in foreclosures. I am more than happy to refer you to a trusted atty to help see your case through. Shoot me a private message and I'll pass on their information.


I hope I knew you when I started the foreclosure process. Probably would have saved me time and money.  Anyway, not too late to connect, as I recently moved to Elmhurst, IL, trying to build my network with local investors. 

@ KC Zhang - Can you send me the FC attorney info for IL? Thanks.

BTW, are you investing in 2nd or 1st? I am investing in 2nd NPN.

PS: Any recommend for attorney in New Mexico?


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