FHA or FHA 203K Lenders in Baltimore

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Hello! Is anyone familiar with any good FHA 203K Lenders or lenders that have mortgages including the renovation loan in Baltimore or close surrounding counties? How was your experience with them? Any suggestions on finding a good 203K lender and contractor?

@Tiesha Mobley

How ya doing? 

Donna Rouse does 203K and other kinds of loans.


443-726-0527 (office) (I think)

[email protected]

Caveat: I have not obtained a loan from her but would consider looking her up, having talked to her many times at investor meetings and finding her reasonably knowledgeable of the world of mortgage loans. It's worth a call. Please pass along my regards.

Good luck,


I am currently working my first 203k (and first home purchase of any kind) and a day away from closing. From my experience, don't reach out to only one lender. ALWAYS shop your loan. I only worked with one company and they ended up screwing me. 

As for contractors...i went to 203kcontractors.com and reached out to several companies. I met with them on separate occasions, walked the house, and told them what i wanted to accomplish. They all submitted their bids and i went with the most competent contractor (not necessarily the cheapest one). His specialty was rehabbing typical Baltimore row homes in the Patterson park area (where my house is). So its working out wells so far...we will see once rehab gets underway. 

@Nancy Roth

 I hope you didn't send too many people to nora...i have a horror story to tell

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@Kyle Gregg

I referred one person to Nora and she sounded very encouraging, but then suddenly disappeared on him. Just vanished. I later sent him to Donna. The deal didn't work out but she was ready to get him what he needed. 

I'm not pleased you had a bad experience, but let's just say it confirms what I've seen.

Glad you are getting out! Where's your house?



thanks! @Nancy Roth, @Kyle Gregg, and @Upen Patel

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