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Has anyone in northern California (bay area, san jose, san francisco, Oakland) had experience working with Lehman Law Partners, LLP? Their reviews look a little too good on yelp. I suspect they have paid a 3rd party to scrub negative reviews.

I have not used Jeff but have heard him speak on occasion.  In another life I worked as a real estate attorney and I can say it seems Jeff is a great marketer AND a seemingly solid professional.

I used to invest with and learn from The Real Estate Guys.  Jeff was their attorney at that time.  He helped me on two occasions at no charge.  

He was honest and direct and gave me sound advice after the free consult.  Recommended not hiring him because I could perform the next steps without him.  From my limited experience , Jeff and his wife who I believe is an estate planning attorney are truly class acts.  

Thank you for your replies @Douglas Dowell and @Peter K. I appreciate your honest feedback. Also, for anyone else who might read this thread, the correct spelling of the RE attorney in discussion is "Lerman," not Lehman as I originally typed. 

Thank you again, gentlemen. 

Chris NA did you ever engage with Lerman?  If so, are you willing to share feedback via PM?

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