Question for lenders/brokers/commercial lenders: best portfolio presentation you saw

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Hi all,

I'm working on a presentation portfolio to hand to potential lenders. 

We're talking 7 figures loans so I'd like to hand over something that looks professional, contains all the information someone like you would expect to see and even what format.

If you could share what was included in the best one you saw or what's the most common thing investors forget to include that would be very helpful. 

If anyone has a template to share that would be even better!




So I hunted down a few portfolio lenders and the one that I have been in most contact with sent me a spreadsheet that I could put all of the info about my rentals on and an application. From conversations with other lenders they all require pretty much the same things. 

Here's a link to their website, I would contact them through their website and let them know what your after. They will give you a call to discuss and answer any preliminary questions which will be helpful so you don't waste either of your's time if it's not a match, if it looks like a potential match then they will email you the two items I referenced above. They have a minimum of $500k loan amount and each property must have a minimum value of $50k, lend up to 70% or so LTV, 5- 10 year term. They have a non refundable due diligence fee, but will give you a term sheet once they get your info and you can see what your gambling your due diligence fee on. I paused the process because I may have a friend interested in doing it instead. If anyone completes a loan with them please let me know how it goes. Hope this helps.