What Can I Offer?

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I can not go the traditional route and take out a loan at a bank for my first investment.  So I decided to explore the route of hard money lenders.   What can I offer to the hard money lender to help me present myself as more of an asset and not a liability?  Should I wait until I have ran the numbers first on a potential property to bring to the table or should I research lenders first and see what they would be looking for?

Private/Hard money lenders please feel free to weigh in.


Hi Latisha,

It always makes a lot of sense to run all your #'s and have as much information to give to the HML to make them "feel" the same way about the deal you do. If you can prove you are getting a "deal" and have some "skin in the game" of your own, this would help. I know most HML's are pretty strict with there lending policies though (Usually 65-70% of ARV max) Being an agent, you have a little extra weight in that you should be well versed on all aspects of determining values, which also helps. Find the deal. If it is so incredible (based on your findings), all you need to do is "show" them and you should be good!! Good luck!

Hi, Latisha

I recommend listening to the Bigger Pockets Podcast #9, Using Hard Money Lenders to Grow Your Business:


Ann Bellamy speaks directly from the hard money lender's perspective on what she and many other hard money lenders look for from those to whom they lend. From what I remember, she recommends the "both and" approach re: running numbers while simultaneously researching lenders.