Finding an investor friendly broker to work under

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I am a new investor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am interested in getting my real estate agent license to be able to tour homes on my own schedule and save on commissions. However, I am employed full time already and am not trying to be an agent full time. How can I go about finding a broker that costs very little? Just looking for a place to hang my license for my own 3-4 buy and hold purchases a year.

Lucas, my agents license should be arriving this week, and I am actually leaving my full time job to be selling, and investing.  PM me, and we can talk.  The broker I will be working for is very investor friendly...

Looking to do the same thing @Lucas Howes and I had a recent post that was asking some questions related to this.  Check it out if you would like.  Definitely some good tips.

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I am a newly licensed RE Agent in the Michigan market. This topic is dead on with my current situation. I am looking to possibly hang with KW. Unsure though as to if that is the best move for an investor/agent to work.

More directly what I am asking is what are the specific qualities I should be looking for in my broker?

Congratulations Chris - i've heard Keller Williams is good to start out at as they have very good training. Also, it's very easy for a real estate agent to move from one brokerage to another, so if you don't like the fit you can always take care of that later. I'm always looking to have realtors that can assist me, so if you're interested I'll add you to my agent list to contact when I need help.

if your interested in KW read the "Millionaire real estate agent" a book written by KW it explains the entire process KW runs it organization by it is essential for a new real estate agent I don't work for them and I still recommend it. get the audible book though that way you can listen while on the move. Hope this helps

Hey, Jim! Yes, that sounds like a great idea! Please do keep me in your contacts let me know as soon as you think about it... And I'll be sure to assist you the highest fiduciary care!!