Where can I find private money lenders?

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I'd like to start fidning out what will be required of me by a hard money lender so that I can perhaps become pre-qualified for a loan. I have perfect credit, but no income... and no savings. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Please send me an email describing your situation such as how much money you are seeking and what is the purpose of borrowing that money. We have hard money lenders all over the United States as well as traditional lenders. You have options, even without income and savings. If you are borrowing money for rehabs or acquiring land for development, we can help too. Contact me now.

I work with Starlite Funding Coast to Coast and we may be able to help you. We have over 9,000 investors that we can connect you with for funding your project or for just purchasing a home. Email me and I'll send you the forms to fill out and overnight to Carol Wilson(Operations Manager) at Starlite Funding. If you need to contact Carol her phone number is(Cell 832-888-3010 & Toll Free 888-462-6119). Keep me informed as to how everything is going so we can keep the process going smoothly.
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Terry Roe
P.S. Here is a link to our website: http://www.starlitefundingcoasttocoast.com/