Private Lenders Wanted

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Hey guys. I'm wrapping up repairs on a duplex I own, looking to expand my purchases to multifamily properties in the SW Florida area, focusing only on Sarasota and Fort Myers. I'm seeking a private money lender that would like consistent returns on their money. My current numbers on my property are purchase price $146,000 / monthly income of $2,600 (with about $600/month in maintenance) / cap rate of 16%.

I'm currently seeking advice and pointers on how to go about finding a good, dependable lender that would like to benefit from me scaling up identical opportunities in the area I've found.

Definitely open to it! Any idea where I can find some?

Originally posted by @Charlie Fitzgerald :

Let's talk about a different approach so you are not carving up all your profits.

 Hey Charlie, I sent you a request, feel free to reply and let me know what you suggest to avoid losing cash flow. Thank you!

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