What would a HML list be worth?

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Hi Group,

I have a old time friend in the Hard Money Industry who is getting out and he's getting rid of his list of 297 Hard Money lenders.

What should I offer him for this? I'm considering putting out there for members (to recoop my cost)

Whats it worth to everyone to have a updated HML list?


Nothing, you can get list of all hard money direct lenders on the scottsmanguide website

All depends on the list, theres tons of list out there, but not all of them are good list, alot of the list on the internet are too good to be true. A true private money list would be worth thousands if there are actual people on the list willing to loan to investors, and they're not big names and dont advertise and such, basically if you wouldnt know about them without the list. Problem is most HML or Private money lenders are local, so a list that is very useful to you in cali wouldnt do much for me in texas. One deal could make you or save you 1000's, so whats the list worth? maybe 1000's.
All depends whos on the list, the type of loans they make, and type of loans your looking for.
Personally, I'd pay a few thousand for a list if it had a private or hard money lender in my area that loaned long term on cheap properties. It'd be worth it to me.

i agree with Scott.and i dont know you're friend Jason and not calling you a liar or anything of that nature but what would he be doing with such a list?im pretty sure that list isnt valid,and quite frankly i had a guy email me a couple months ago wanting to sell a list of 297 hml's i seriously doubt this is what it says it is,i would say run far from that guy and and furthermore if the guy is your friend why is he selling it to you?instead of giving it to you

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