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Hello all,

I am an upcoming college grad looking to begin investing in real estate. After some research on what financial vehicles would be most suitable to my situation, I'm reasonably certain that an FHA 203k loan is the best option for me. With that being said, I understand that one of the most important things to have before moving forward with this loan is an experienced real estate agent and mortgage broker that are familiar with the process and already have connections in place to establish a good team of contractors, inspectors, etc.

I am located in the Minneapolis market - does anyone have any recommendations for real estate agents or mortgage broker that I could contact for more information and to begin the process?

Thanks in advance!

@Patrick Erichsen I would contact @Jordan Moorhead for your Real Estate agent.  And yes you have heard correctly.  The 203K loan is a great loan but it can be a nightmare if you don't work with an experienced crew and have proper expectations going into it.  I have done many in my career and am happy to counsel you.  I recommend an in-person meeting for this loan type.  It's not really one you want to digest in a 15-30 minute phone call.  I know from experience that those deals end poorly.   PM me if interested in meeting.

@Sam Steadman  would be a great resourse for you.

Contact me and I can give you a few lender leads I highly recommend!

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