Looking for broker in Jersey City

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would love to meet broker who understands the market in the Jersey City area. I need to set up an email system to notify listing from MLS.

Currently I'm looking for duplex or 4plex. 

My friend Kamran Mirza can help you hes with BLVD Realty in Jersey City

@Allan Szlafrok Hi! Thanks for messaging. Do you have any information about that person? 

He's a broker that may be able to help you. Google his firm it's BLVD realty

Manny Rosa of the Rosa Agency invests and knows the market.

Hello,  my sister Dylan would be able to help you. Our family is from Jersey City. We have lived here since 1880 and we have a long family history of real estate including real estate agents, we owned a mortgage company, appraisals, etc all Jersey City based. We still all live in various parts of Jersey City. Together we worked to find me the perfect home in JC - closing in about a month.  Please feel free to message me and I will send you her contact information. 

I know the area but not the most experienced agent. I'm with Keller Williams JC and looking to buy a condo next, although I did buy a 2 family two years ago.

I can set you up with notifications if that is what you need, let me know and best of luck Amir!

@Sunny Suh Hey! 

I am a total newbie. And any information regarding that area is worth value for me. Experienced or not, I could definitely use some insight on that area a little more. I live in NYC so there is a bit of distance between (but not so much). I would definitely be appreciated if I could discuss with setting up notifications. If you don't mind, I sent you a colleague request. 

Looking forward to your request. 

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