Can I purchase Title insurance on my own?

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Hi all!

I am Tackling my final R in the BRRR method for the first time. The house was bought via tax lien, so I dont currently own any title insurance on it. Do I have to go through a real estate attorney to purchase title insurance or can I contact an insurance broker on my own?



@Ashleigh Evans NO, you cannot contact an insurance company directly.  A title company is basically an insurance agent for title insurance.  They can insure the title because the title company has researched the title and declared it clear. 

@Ashleigh Evans
It is also difficult to get title insurance at properties from tax liens / so check around but some require a few years before they will issue a policy - I am not sure why but have heard that

@Chris Seveney that would be a slightly...terrible. I took out a loan for rehab and I want to refinance so I can lower the monthly payments - as well as buy another property. I filed a quiet title against the world, so I believe any liens against the house were removed in court. Gosh, now I’m nervous haha. 

If you got a loan from a lender then the lender probably asked for an got lenders policy..

so I think you are fine.. unless you got a loan and the lender declined coverage ( which can happen but is rare if its a HML or company)...

just talk tot he title company that your loan went through.. in FLA title companies handle title insurance not attorneys.   in Attorney closing states the attorney is the agent for the title insurer.

When you refinance, the title company that handles that transaction can likely issue you an owners policy -- you'll need to request it.

@Jay Hinrichs and @Tom Gimer ,

Just to make sure I understand, I could potentially Just ask the lender for title insurance?

Is one option better than the other financially? Going through an attorney vs going through a Lender?

Most likely lender will require lenders policy in the same escrow just ask for a owners policy.. very simple

@Ashleigh Evans No, the title company closing your refi could do a full title search at that time and issue you an owner’s policy (in addition to the lenders policy that will be required). 

That makes life infinitely more simple. Thank you!

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