Tallahassee Local Banks for LLC's

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Hey BPers, 

I've recently setup my LLC in preparation for buying RE Investments and am in need of a good local bank. I've been using Ally for my personal accounts which has been fantastic for Saving, Checking, and Mobile banking.

Anyone have suggestions on a local Tallahassee Bank or using Ally for business? 

Specifically interested in Cooperate Loans, Mobile/online banking, cooperate credit cards.  

Thanks, Sam Phifer

My LLC tied up to Bank of America. As long as you maintain the balance of $3K, its free.

Prime Meridian is good for investors or Ameritus

I agree with Tim go with Prime Meridian. Every loan I get 10-12 mortgage quotes and Prime Meridian has never been beat. FYI all of the commercial loans offered in this area are amortized over 20 years, while you can get personal loans for 30 years. Need to take that into consideration when running your numbers. 

@Yuriy Tymoshenko Thanks for the suggestion, I understand their mobile app is good. 

@Tim Hall @Mike Conner Prime Meridian looks to be a great bank to work with. Whats your opinion on their Online/Mobile banking, credit/debit cards, turn around for mortgage/commercial quotes (time between submission and actually receiving the cash)?

@Samuel Phifer I've had great service on commercial property loans from Capital City Bank for my TLH properties - great team and terms. Never used them for retail banking, though.

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