Re Finance 2 Condo Units in Logan Square - <50% Owner Occupancy

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I own 2 condos in the same building (~$150K value each) in Logan Square, one is financed through a local bank that sold the property as a foreclosure several years ago and the other we paid for through a HELOC on our primary residence. Owner occupancy is not yet to 50%, we are shy a couple of units. The lender I work with can't do the refi until it's at 50%.

The local bank is super annoying to work with and is an ARM that adjusts in 4 more years. We'd like to get them both into a conventional mortgage.

Anyone have leads on a bank/broker who would work with us under this circumstance and still offer competitive rates?  I think commercial loans would be an option but I don't really want to be in the 6%+ area.

Sorry, I forgot to add I am looking for someone in the Chicago area!

@Stefanie K. - local banks will be your best option even if they're annoying to work with.  Otherwise you need a lender willing to lend on  a non-warrantable condo in Cook County.  Both difficult.  I work with one but rates will be 6.5-8.5%.  

@Stefanie K. my lender does non-warrantable  condo loans. That what you will need here. PM for details if still needed.


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